Arlene Shirlee : Dear Spammer, I Love You

February 12, 2010

Leena Shirlee to Kait: “do you know the tilt-a-whirl ride at the fair? well I have learned to mimic this ride with my tongue.”

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From: Kait

To: Leena Shirlee

Date: 2-10-10

Subject: [!!!spam]] hello, I can be your friend?

Hello my new friend!
My name is Kait.
how are you? I hope you are fine!
I have found your profile and e-mail on dating site.
As for me I want to find my love.
If you are interested, answer me and we can begin our acquaintance.
So let me tellsome words about me. I am was born 20 OCT 1980.
I want to find someone who can love me and i can love. I looked your
profile and read information about you and what you want to see in a
woman of your choice.
And i believe, i can have all parts of what you want in soulmate, out of
thousands of people that is me, i find you to be my true choice and i
hope that you should feel the same way too.
It’s really wonderful moment as I am writing this letter to you
and i pray that i should hear good and sweat reply from you.
You are far from me but i belief that there’s nothing that love can not
I belief love can move mountain and love turns around person’s life to
precious life and sweet one.
Ok, i wish that you will write me and lets have more
discussions and get to know more about each other.
My new friend I am on this site is my nickname Katea66
I will be great to read marvellous letter from you.
Hoping for God of love and in power of love I would like to hear from
Thanks for the reading.

From: Leena Shirlee
To: Kait
Date: 2-11-10
Subject: RE: [!!!spam]] hello, I can be your friend?

Dearest Kait!I am so flattered you have chosen me to be your special sweaty girlfriend. You seem like a very very nice and attractive lady. Do you like bubble baths? I’ve been working out all day and my muscles sure are sore!I hope I can get this out of the way so we can advance our relationship further: I have cosmetically imperfect labia. That is, one of my labia is normal and the other is about 7 inches long on the left. I usually keep it neatly pinned to my leg with butterfly tape, however, and I DO have full sensation and freedom of movement, and boy do I sure know how to please a woman. You know that ride at the fair, the “tilt-a-whirl?” well, growing up with carnies, i have learned to mimic this ride with my tongue!

Other rides I can do:
The Scrambler

Tell me a little more about yourself…What would you say are your biggest turn-ons. Do you like role playing? Lately I have been a bad girl.Drippingly yours,


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