Arlene Shirlee : Dear Spammer, I Love You

November 13, 2009

Allistair Goldheart to Pegeen: “I like to mix erotica with advanced mathematical concepts like Hypernical Splits and Logothrusts.”

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From: Norah Robinson <>
Sent: Tue, November 10, 2009 4:04:46 AM
Subject: Meetup?

Helloo I go by the name Pegeen

I am truly hoping to possibly setting up a meet up in Sfbay. I wonder if you might be literally the same type of chap I immediately like.

I am 19 1/2 years old, just out of music school and not aroused in anything severe, just a playful buddy :). Here is a latest image of me attached.

You can see all my info and a lots of pictures on this date site I am part of. Few of them will show some individual parts :D.

Here is the date site I am talking abt

After you sign up, go to the search and type in: debb949 (that’s my username  there)
If you like me, please drop me a message there :D. call me soon as you get my # on here..

wish to find out from you asap!


Hi Foxy Pegeen!

I am overjoyed to receive your email. I’ve been having rotten luck dating, lately! To be truthful, all I have been getting are emails from flabby old nanny goats who want me to be their next husband or something! NO way, hosay! They can march those droopy gams all the way to the tear factory to cry the world a river.

Older women can be so bitter,  and greedy too, but you, Pegeen… are like a fresh young whippoorwill, dancing nimbly on the heathers of youthhood. (I wrote that just for you because your hair looks like it would smell of fresh heather)

A little about me, I am divorced, 55, and have written a few books you may have heard of “Mining for Love” (a guide for dating rich men)  “Love investments” (a guide for keeping your rich man happy) and “Mutual Bonding” (a lovemaking guide for pleasuring your rich man). After taking a long hiatus in asia (where I learned the secrets of the crimson yam), I have begun writing again, this time a book of poeetry called “2X Gold” it’s kind of experimental! I mix erotica with advanced mathematical concepts, such as Hypernical Splits and Logothrusts. (math can be very sexy, most people don’t realize this!)

Well, I hope I am not being too forward, but i have to admit you look like you have very supple sexual organs. I hope you’re doing your kegel excercises! If you don’t, you’ll get a lapsed vulva (this happened to my grandmother, and it’s all she talks about, ugh!.)

I am glad to hear you are not aroused in anything severe!! (There’s lots of distasteful sites out there, displaying women in bondage, or worse, being gang-raped! I cannot believe it). I agree with you, the best kinds of lovemaking is the “non severe” kind where two spirits of fire unite and call the crimson yam to bring them to ecstasy.

I hope to hear from you soon, foxy!

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